Get better results pronto

Unleash the power of text fast & easy


High Reach

81% of Americans regularly text, which represents an audience size of 260M (Pew Research). And 81% of seniors with annual HH income of $75K+ own a smartphone


High Penetration

98% of people open and read their incoming texts. No other communication channel can match that!


Fast Results

When people use your text code, Stiki automatically responds with a high impact message to drive them further down the funnel. And 90% of texts are read in the first 3 seconds.


High Conversions

Stiki texts generate an average conversion rate of about 20%. That's roughly 2X-4X higher than email delivers.

We make texting work for you

The only text messaging platform built by marketers for marketers, Stiki is designed to drive maximum engagement and maximum customer acquisition with minimal effort on your part.

Message & data rates may apply.

Massively boost response

Many service providers inflate the results they can achieve in order to win your business. Stiki is the opposite. We actually often have to deflate metrics – because when we give the real numbers, people don’t believe us!

Let Us Amaze You

Get more out of your marketing funnel

You work hard for your leads – don’t let them get caught in your marketing funnel. With text, your leads interact at a higher rate than email. Stronger open rates lead to more views, more clicks and more customers.

Most have their phones with them at all times. So entering in a short and memorable text code to the easy-to-remember 246810 makes responding to your ads a breeze. And clicking the link in your text message takes them straight to your offer details and response mechanism right from their phone.

Old-school SMS text messages are text only. But the MMS format we’ll deploy on your behalf allows the use of photos and/or graphics. And we’ll guide you take advantage of the intrinsic intimacy of text messaging and personalization to craft your message for maximum clickability – to drive respondents to your video, mobile landing page, digital coupon, lead form or call center.

People looking to find you through their web browser are likely to do so through search – where you’ll turn up surrounded by competitors and distractions. Stiki, on the other hand, provides a direct link to your website and/or offer with no diversions.

Stiki turnkey service gets you up and running quickly

You could try to set up texting on your own or through a text service provider – by securing a proprietary text keyword and shortcode that requires approvals from multiple cell phone carriers and intermediaries, spending tens of thousands in set-up costs, then waiting months. Or you can do it the easy way with Stiki’s turnkey service. We’ve already secured all necessary approvals and access through every major national carrier. So instead of waiting months you can be up and running in a matter of days – using your own brand, product, category name or other relevant word or phrase as your unique text keyword.



Stiki short codes work with virtually every mobile phone type (iPhone, Android, Pixel, etc.) and every cellular carrier.

Compliance Assurance


Stiki provides recommended language, procedures and guidance to assure that your text campaign complies with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations concerning the commercial use of SMS text.

Creative Consulting


From experience, we know what kind of text messages and links work best, and can work with you and your creative team to help adapt your communications for maximum impact and results.



We offer the capability to deliver personalized texts. Because while using text messaging will give your campaign a major lift, personalization can push it even higher.



Stiki can provide strategies and easy changes to your current website and other opt-ins to help you effectively build your mobile list for outbound marketing.

Testing & Optimization


Stiki can easily mount split testing to help optimize your efforts, and provide the metrics reporting to support it.

Campaign Metrics & Analytics


The Stiki dashboard gives you full visibility into text response so you can fully optimize your Stiki text campaign and/or advertising spend in other channels.

The Stiki dashboard gives you full metrics visibility.