The Complete Text Marketing Solution

  • Stiki does the heavy lifting — offering a fully-managed solution for text marketing initiatives.
  • A team of text marketing experts employ proven best practices leveraged across an array of offer types and product verticals.
  • Agile processes and solutions that allow for speed to market, testing and customization.
  • Builds and optimizes ongoing text messaging sequences to maximize the value of every lead.
  • Offers a variety of API solutions to connect directly to client CRM and reporting systems.
  • Offers TCPA compliance guidance and best practices.

1. Build your mobile list

You may already have a database of prospects with mobile numbers. If not, we can share proven effective strategies for getting consumers to opt in – via your website, packaging, and other communication channels.

2. Craft your message

When consumers text your code, Stiki instantly replies with a message back. The MMS text format we employ allows you to deliver animated GIFs, styled text, and personalization to maximize impact, engagement and click-through.

3. Distribute your link

Stiki automatically replies to inbound inquiries, instantly at the moment of intent. Prospects simply click the link in the text to go directly to your mobile landing page, video, lead form, call center… anywhere you want them to go and take action.

4. Review your metrics

The Stiki dashboard gives you all the data analytics you need to assess and optimize your campaign. Stiki can track results by mobile device and carrier to help you refine your media spend whether TV, Radio or Print – or sort leads to route the most valuable to your premiere sales agents.

Performance Focused Application

  • Stiki leverages multi-color animated images and embedded video and audio to increase engagement.
  • Message and image personalization increases click rates 30% or more.
  • Dynamic content allows for relevant messaging and efficiency.
  • Automated and logic based message flows.
  • Extensive testing, analysis and campaign adjustments.
  • Message segmenting based on customizable client data values.
  • Customer reply tool creates opportunity to continue the conversation with customers.

Performance Focused Application

  • 98% of people open and read their text messages, compared to 15% average email open rates. (1)
  • Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.(2)
  • Over 52% of global online traffic comes from mobile devices (3)
  • Text produces engagement rates 6-8x higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing when used for redemption, data collection, and brand awareness. (4)
  • 75% of customers would like special offers sent to them by text.(2)Source: