Lower the hurdle for consumer response

Today, most people have mobile phones, and most of them have those mobile phones with them all the time. In fact, 9 out of 10 TV viewers now watch with a second screen and the smartphone is the most common device used.

So allowing people to respond to your advertised offers via mobile text is definitely the path of least resistance for them, and an obvious smart move on your part. And Stiki has already done all the hard work of setting it up, so we can deploy a text response mechanism for you in about a week or less.

Add a Stiki text call-to-action to multiply campaign results in other media







Consumers prefer to communicate by text

Studies show that people prefer texting over phone calls, voicemail, Facebook and email. In fact, 90% of leads prefer to be texted rather than phoned, and text response rates are 209% higher and positive responses are 295% higher.

Stiki text delivers significantly higher conversion metrics


Implementing Stiki text response is a cinch

1. Insert your text code

We set you up with your own branded or otherwise unique, memorable and relevant keyword that people can text to our easy-to-remember number 246810. All you need to do is insert it into your TV spots, radio ads, print or other advertising.

2. Craft your reply message

When consumers text your code, Stiki instantly replies with a message back. The MMS text format we employ allows you to deliver animated GIFs, styled text, and personalization to maximize impact, engagement and click-through.

3. Stiki responds instantly

Stiki automatically replies to inbound inquiries, instantly at the moment of intent. Prospects simply click the link in the text to go directly to your mobile landing page, video, lead form, call center… anywhere you want them to go and take action.

4. Review your campaign metrics

The Stiki dashboard gives you all the data analytics you need to assess and optimize your campaign. Stiki can track results by mobile device and carrier to help you refine your media spend whether TV, Radio or Print – or sort leads to route the most valuable to your premiere sales agents.

Boost your response

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