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Stiki is a mobile text marketing agency that does the heavy lifting and provides text solutions for acquisition, engagement and retention that boost ROI and customer lifetime value.

Consumer Engagement
Learn how Stiki can increase the value of every customer touchpoint.
Customer Acquisition
Find out how Stiki can make offline and online media campaigns more successful.
The Stiki Difference
Get super-fast setup, engaging multimedia content, real-time data-rich reporting, and value-added insights from seasoned experts.

Stiki is part of your team

Stiki offers a fully managed text solution. We take the time to learn your business and to create the strategy and direction for a text marketing campaign that is right for your company. Stiki’s team includes experts from digital marketing and direct response. We know how to leverage best practices and extensive cross-vertical learnings to positively impact response while protecting your brand and your customer’s journey.


Stiki offers simple API’s and integrations to allow for full automation and a 360° feedback loop on results and data. Our flexible API, detailed documentation and team of agency-level developers provide the backend expertise needed to navigate through automation.

Stiki transforms results

Allowing for full color graphics, animation and personalization, our text messaging format delivers high engagement… and high conversions. That’s why more and more leading marketers are choosing Stiki.

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Way higher opens than email

Ninety-eight percent of people open and read their incoming texts, and 90% of texts are read in just the first 5 minutes. For grabbing consumer attention, no other medium even comes close.

Better customer experience

Enabling instant response and personalization with full color graphics, Stiki texts allow you to provide a high quality consumer experience to help you drive higher consumer engagement.

Killer click-throughs

An average 60% of Stiki text responders click through to the marketer’s website within seconds of their initial text. An added 10-20% click through later. Click-through rates on email don’t even come close.

Double to quadruple conversions

On average, about 20% of Stiki recipients order, which is roughly a 2X-4X higher conversion rate than is possible with email.

Higher average order value

If you think consumers don’t buy from their phones, think again. Site visitors referred by Stiki text had a 5-15% higher average order value than other web traffic sources.

5X - 30X higher ROI

We almost don’t like to say the impact Stiki can have because people find it hard to believe. But the truth is Stiki can have a multiplier effect on incremental revenue, and make you a hero.

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